It’s been just over a century since the suffragettes claimed their rights. The #MeToo movement is still experiencing aftershocks.

But where do women stand in today’s Europe?

In 2019, in tandem with Elina Makri, we imagined and launched an original cross-border project empowering and connecting women across Europe. Designed to have both an editorial, public and political impact, mixing digital and grassroot culture, Sisters of Europe wants to:

  • TELL STORIES through inspiring interviews, from 17 women from 17 countries. Astronaut Samantha Cristoforetti, climate activist Greta Thunberg, MEP Petra de Sutter…our 17 sheroes are famous and unknown, young and old, activists and astronauts, miners and politicians, but they all share a common goal: to change things. We also reported from countries like Kosovo, Ukraine and Turkey because we strongly believe that Europe is not only shaped by its member states, but by its neighbours as well.
  • RAISE ISSUES via public discussions in four European capitals from East to West, from North to South Berlin-Paris-Athens-Varsaw. European feminism has its own geography. While domestic violence is a reality for women in southern countries, closing the gender pay gap is a priority in the West. During these discussions, a spectrum of issues European women are grappling with – region by region – will be tackled.
  • Last but not least, as a final outcome of the previous steps, TAKE ACTION and submit a list of proposals to improve women’s rights after the 2019 European elections.

Sisters of Europe was among the eight finalists of Advocate Europe, the European Ideas Challenge by MitOst, in cooperation with Liquid Democracy and has been supported by the Stiftung Mercator.

#sistersofeurope was kicked off in March 2019 in Berlin, during a first full-house event, dedicated to the struggle against gender pay gap.

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