Sisters of Europe #2

Hi Sisters of Europe #2! New season, new website. Very happy to share the results of the work of last months. Thanks to the European Cultural Foundation, keeping the discussion about women’s rights in Europe going, continue empowering and connecting women across the continent and beyond. (Cover picture: Anabel Montes by @Maria Jou Sol)

Ever heard about BirthStrike for climate? Or just to improve your sex life? Blythe Pepino, British founder of #BirthStrike movement is our first interviewee, talking about motherhood (or not), Brexit and why men should learn to « care. (Text: Lara Lise Bullens. Pictures : Betty Laura Zapata.)

Sisters of Europe aims at giving a voice to women who have something to say about the world we live in. New faces, new opinions. Breaking the narratives, breaking the rules of publishing the same crappy interviews of the same never-aging actresses or anorexic models, or outrageously powerful business leaders. The platform offers a tribune to talk about their experiences, their struggles, freedom, education, inequalities, racism, sexuality, or ageism.

While working on the project, I realized how much of my own perception was influenced by the « male gaze ». We are so used to see beautiful young women everywhere, that making a selection of the pictures for the interviews was sometimes tricky. Women without make-up, who aren’t photoshopped or dressed up look soooo … well, just real. We journalists have a strong role to play in order to change that distortion of reality. And to offer more diversity in our stories, as well as nuances in the realities we are depicting.

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