I’m Prune, a (very) independent award-winning reporter, editor and author. Born in France, I am based in Berlin since 2008, after having lived in England, Spain, Hungary, Brussels, Nicosia or Paris.

During the last decade, I mainly chose to dedicate myself to reportages. My print and multimedia pieces have been published by l’Obs, Médiapart, GEO, Le Magazine du Monde, The Guardian, Elle, Grazia, Madame Figaro, Vice…I contribute regularly to the ARTE/Karambolage show. My work has been awarded two times the Prix Louise Weiss du journalisme européen, the Prix Philippe Chaffanjon du reportage multimedia, shortlisted for the European Press Prize, as well as encouraged by countless grants (SCAM*, EU Journalism Fund…) As a freelance journalist in a collapsing media industry, this support helped me (like a lot) to carry on in-depth stories.

Among others, I got « embedded » with the Pussy Riot, witnessing a special ‘anti-Poutine’ action in the outskirts of Moskow. I related the sufferings of raped Bosnian women during Balkan’s bloodiest conflict and investigated the rumors of organs trafficking in Kosovo. I explored the Baltic Sea to discover WW2 underwater chemical and conventional munitions and met the neo-nazis from ‘Golden Dawn‘ movement in Greece. I covered the last presidential campaign of Ben Ali in Tunisia, asked the Azerbaidjani youths what they think about their President, wrote about the boom of islamic fashion in Turkey. I looked into surrogate mothers business in Ukraine, interviewed Belarussian dissidents and visited Georgian and Southern Ossetian displaced persons since 2008 war against Russia. More recently, I depicted the rise of the far right, the migrants crisis and the rampant anti-semitism in Germany, as well as the re-militarization of Kaliningrad and the Cold War’s feelings sprouting around Eastern Europe.

My first non fiction book, La Fille & Le Moudjahidine, describing my friendship with a young MMA boxer and refugee living in Germany, flirting with the djihad, was published in France in 2015 (Editions Carnets Nord). The second, L’Heure d’été, came out in 2019 (Editions Anne Carrière) and depicts the transformations of a buzzing capital, Berlin, between gentryfication and precarity; the hopes and desillusions of the Millenial generation. This litterary novel is also an acid chronic of the multiple crisis hitting Europe (refugees crisis, financial crisis, populism crisis…) and was selected for the Prix Goncourt du premier roman.

Lately, I am more and more driven towards editorial management, creating or directing cross-border journalistic projects, such as Beyond91, Borderline or Sisters of Europe. I love contributing to the emergence of innovative new multimedia formats and collaborating with journalists and photographers from Europe and beyond.

 ©All pictures on the blog are mine, if the contrary is not mentioned.