baby business in ukraine

Will surrogate mothers ever be authorized in France? Procreative tourism is booming in Eastern Europe.

« Become a surrogate mother! And get 3000 euros. » This ads, showing a smiling young blonde and a phone number, can be found in any free monthly magazine of Kiev. Because in Ukraine, surrogacy is like a job like any other. In this former Soviet state where the average monthly salary is 200 euros, the refrain of the ‘gift disinterested’ knows some quirks. If Ukrainians agree to play the ‘nannies’ for French, Belgian and German couples, it is usually for money. Because there, the word ‘foreigner’ rhymes with ‘wealthy ‘: and in the school of turbo-capitalism, one does play with what one has (…) »

– Feature published in 2008 in Madame Figaro. Read the full story here.


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