beauty in belarus: an affair of state

In Belarus, a former Soviet republic headed for sixteen years by Aleksandr Lukashenko – Europe’s last dictator – national beauty is a political issue. One month before the presidential election, it is more than ever a weapon of seduction.

« I can not say that the Belarussian people are close to universal standards of beauty. But they are very spoiled with their compatriots. « Olga Serejnikova installed in a leather sofa, caressing her manicured nails with long black hair, a cat eye that does not lack humor. Former Miss Belarus finalist and Miss Europe, alleged « favorite » of the president of the country, Aleksandr Lukashenko, the brunette with green eyes stands today as the director of the National School of Beauty in Minsk. (…) »

-Assignment published in 2012 in Madame Figaro. Read the full story here.