La fille & le moudjahidine

« On a hot summer day of 2013, on the beach of a Berlin’s lake, Prune, a French journalist, based in the German capital, crosses the road of Djahar. This young boxer who had to flee the war in Northern Caucasus with all his family lives in a small town of former Eastern Germany since a decade. As a refugee, his integration path is complicated by his attraction for violence, between small illegal business, problems at school and MMA -mixed martial arts- competitions. Both seem to have nothing in common. She enjoys writing and seeks dialogue, he is a gangster who uses his fists to get respect. As a European citizen, she is a kind of « luxury » immigrant in Germany, while he arrived after a four-day clandestine trip, hidden on the bottom of a truck. She is feminist, he is salafist.

But both of them are foreigners in Germany, faced to the question of their identity, in a country that is breaking apart to find its ideal social model, between « Wilkommen’s kultur » and rise of xenophobia. Through their frequent encounters, a friendship is born between Prune and Djahar. Until one downside comes suddenly : the religious radicalization of the young man, which sounds as an echo to the turmoil of international news. One day, Djahar tells the journalist he wants to leave for Syria to do the djihad. »

  • La Fille & Le Moudjahidine, Editions Carnets Nord. Paris, 2015. Couverture Giulio Zucchini.
  • Shortlisted for the Prix littéraire ESJ-Maison Blanche 2016.
  • Before being a paper book, La Fille & Le Moudjahidine was published in March 2015 as a multimedia long-read by the Canadian platform Inouï.

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