raped women in bosnia, trapped in silence

Fifteen years after the end of the conflict in Bosnia, tausend of women, victims of mass rapes, remains prisoners of shame.

‘She has no name. No face either. « Do not take pictures, please! » Sitting in a small dimly lit room, her psychologist at her side, the ‘woman of Tuzla’ will just be a voice, an hoarse from cigarettes and medical drugs. Her voice slowly starts to recall the war that broke out in Bosnia and Herzegovina in April 1992, twenty years ago. At the time, the woman of Tuzla is 35 years old, works as a maid in a hotel and lives quietly with his mother near Zvornik, a village at the border with Serbia. « Spring was already there when the Chetniks [Serbian nationalists] came and invaded our village (…) »

In 2011, the reportage was published in 2011 by M le magazine du Monde and ELLE. Read the full story here.

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