the ‘euro-orphans’ generation in poland

Since the enlargement of the EU eastwards, almost two million Poles have left the country to try their luck abroad. This emigration wave that looks like an economic miracle that has a cost: the « euro orphans », children left alone left to themselves.

« The family is over! » Though his solid stature, Bogdan Wrobec, the headmaster of the primary school in Bialystok, a former industrial city bordering northeast of Poland, looks a bit helpless. As the bell sounded in the hallway adorned with a portrait of John Paul II, a cloud of screaming kids follow the heels of a teacher trotting on his boots red varnished. Here, the catholic cross is invited in every classroom and catechism is directly part of the school education. In Eastern Europe, one does not joke with God. Especially the family is sacred. Well, almost (…) »

The reportage was published in 2010 in Questions de femmes and Médiapart. Read full text here. It was acknowledged the Prix du journalisme européen Louise Weiss 2011 and the European Young Journalist Award in 2010.

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