//Editor-in-Chief of cross-border projects

  • Beyond91, 2017

Beyond91 is an editorial transnational project published by and supported by the Advocate Europe Foundation, Allianz Kulturstiftung, OFAJ and n-ost network.

25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Beyond91, Portraits of the Perestroika Generation, presents seven cross-border stories by 14 journalists and photographers unveiling contemporary Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia on a scrollitelling website in 7 languages, as well as a pictures exhibition of the project.

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  • Balkans&Beyond, 2016

Balkans&beyond published by and financed by the Allianz Kulturstiftung and OFAJ.

It features 7 multimedia cross border stories featuring post-Tito generation in seven Balkans countries (Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia), 25 years after the first ex-Yougoslavia´ war.

The PDF of the e-book is to download in English-German-French, on the platform issuu.

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//Author of long-form (multimedia scrollitelling)

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//Media cooperation expert and guest speaker for Canal France International (CFI)

  • Guest speaker for the 1st Mediterranean Young Leaders Forum, Anna Lindh Foundation, Essaouira, october 2015.
  • Guest speaker @ 4M conference organized by the French media cooperation agency, Canal France International (cfi), Tbilissi, november 2013.
  • CFI expert animating a workshop about online journalism and social medias for association of the Mongolian press online, Ulan Bator, january 2013.
  • CFI expert training the web redaction of the Lebanese daily newspaper, L’orient-le jour, Beyrouth, may 2012.
  • CFI expert and coordinator of « Eurocaucasusnews« , a project about multimedia journalism in South Caucasus, Tbilisi-Baku-Erevan-Strasbourg, autumn 2011.

 //Editorial strategy consultant

Consulting mission for the general directorate of the Web Communication Unit, European Parliament: benchmark and proposals of reform of the online communication strategy for the 2014 european elections. Brussels, spring 2012.

//Writing, conception and production of web documentary for

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