I started my way into journalism in Paris in 2005, as an online editor of what would be today called a start up : cafebabel.com was an experimental and collaborative online magazine about European affairs.

Back then, the media industry wasn’t really convinced that any digital revolution was coming. cafebabel was a great chance the learn the new rules of this new kind journalism, a laboratory of editorial experimentation, published in 7 languages (french, english, german, spanish, italian, polish and catalan) and entirely community-based.

After three years, I decided to leave because I couldn’t figure out how to do journalism while sitting behind my desk.

I moved to Berlin in 2008, started freelancing and kept the start-up mindset. I don’t see work as something linear and I always like trying new project web-related. I am fascinated by exploring new narratives possibilities, offered by the developments of digital, such as cross-border journalism..

Besides my stories as an author and a freelance reporter, I have been working as a consultant in digital media for the European Parliament. I have animated workshops of media training in Southern Caucasus, Lebanon and Mongolia. And from time to time, I am also invited to conferences (New York Times Athens Democracy Forum, Forum of Young Leaders…) as a guest speaker to talk about journalism and other things.

Here is a list of a those missions I was glad to contribute to.

  • Coordinator & editor-in-chief of cross-border projects


cafebabel.com/Adocate Europe/Allianz Kulturstiftung, 2017.

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 25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Beyond91 showcases some Portraits of the Perestroika Generation, through seven cross-border stories produced by 14 journalists and photographers. B91 is unveiling contemporary Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia and was published on a scrollitelling website in 7 languages.


cafebabel.com/Allianz Kulturstiftung, 2016.

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Balkans&Beyond features 7 multimedia cross border stories featuring post-Tito generation in seven Balkans countries (Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia), 25 years after the first ex-Yougoslavia´ war. The e-book is available in three languagues (English-German and French)


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  • Guest speaker for conferences

  • Media under suspicion: How can journalists regain public faith ? New York Times Athens Democracy Forum, Athens, 2017.
  • How to fight radicalization? Mediterranean Young Leaders Forum, Anna Lindh Foundation, Essaouira, 2015.
  • How journalists can use Storify to cover breaking-news event ? @ 4M conference CFI, Tbilissi, 2013.


  •  Media Training Expert for Canal France International (CFI), France’s leading operator of cooperation programs

  • Media training expert for a workshop about online journalism and social medias, Ulan Bator, Mongolia, 2013.
  • Media training expert for a workshop about digitalization strategy of @L’orient-le jour, Beyrouth, Lebanon, 2012.
  • Media training expert and coordinator of « Eurocaucasusnews« , a project about multimedia reporting in South Caucasus, Tbilisi-Baku-Erevan-Strasbourg, Southern Caucasus 2011.

  •  Online Media Consultant

Web Communication Unit, European Parliament. Brüssels, Spring 2012.


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