//Editor-in-Chief of cross-border projects

 Beyond91 is an editorial transnational project published by on March 2017 and supported by the Advocate Europe Foundation and the Allianz Kulturstiftung.

25 years after the collapse of the Soviet Union, Beyond91 showcases Portraits of the Perestroika Generation through seven cross-border stories by 14 journalists and photographers. B91 is unveiling contemporary Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Moldova, Lithuania, Estonia and Latvia and was published on a scrollitelling website in 7 languages.

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  • Balkans&Beyond, 2016

Balkans&beyond was published by on March 2016 and was financed by the Allianz Kulturstiftung.

This e-book available on issu in three languagues (English-German and French) features 7 multimedia cross border stories featuring post-Tito generation in seven Balkans countries (Serbia, Kosovo, Montenegro, Slovenia, Macedonia, Bosnia), 25 years after the first ex-Yougoslavia´ war.

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//Author of long-form (multimedia scrollitelling)

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//Media cooperation expert and guest speaker for Canal France International (CFI)

  • Guest speaker for the 1st Mediterranean Young Leaders Forum, Anna Lindh Foundation, Essaouira, october 2015.
  • Guest speaker @ 4M conference organized by the French media cooperation agency, Canal France International (cfi), Tbilissi, november 2013.
  • CFI expert animating a workshop about online journalism and social medias for association of the Mongolian press online, Ulan Bator, january 2013.
  • CFI expert training the web redaction of the Lebanese daily newspaper, L’orient-le jour, Beyrouth, may 2012.
  • CFI expert and coordinator of « Eurocaucasusnews« , a project about multimedia journalism in South Caucasus, Tbilisi-Baku-Erevan-Strasbourg, autumn 2011.

 //Editorial strategy consultant

Consulting mission for the general directorate of the Web Communication Unit, European Parliament: benchmark and proposals of reform of the online communication strategy for the 2014 european elections. Brussels, spring 2012.

//Writing, conception and production of web documentary for

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