women exile in moldova

 They are called Lucia, Dana or Ruslana. One day, tired of suffering corruption, misery and despair prevailing in Moldova, considered as the poorest country in Europa, they have left their country to work as a housekeeper, further West. 

« ‘There is no problem here‘. Enthroned behind a school desk in her small house with faded blue walls, Ion Buzu is tired of hearing the ‘same story’. The mayor of Carpesti, a hamlet of 2,000 souls, south of Moldova, refuses to give in to discouragement. ‘Anyway, people do not want to talk about that anymore », he insists. « That » meaning the exile of women. In Carpesti, most of the women left. Absent, missing, gone. Far from this campaign Eastern Europe, surrounded by vineyards and fields of sunflowers and where time seems to have stopped in the fifties (…) »

Features published in 2008 in ELLE magazine. Read the full text here.



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