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Prune Antoine is an independant journalist. Born in France in 1981, she is based in Berlin since 2008, after having lived in England, Spain, Hungary and Belgium.

Her reportages, either print or multimedia, feature the rubbles and contradictions of post-sovietic world. From Central and Eastern Europe to Russia, via Balkans or South Caucasus, her stories tackle social issues related to women, communist heritage and conflicts.

Her work has been published by Le Monde, GEO, Madame Figaro, Arte, Elle, XXI, Inouï, Ijsberg, Rue89, Mediapart…amongst many others.

She is also the author of a satirical column about Germany and more and more passionate in writing non fiction long-forms. Her work was acknowledged by various awards and grants. 

Her first book La Fille  & Le Moudjahidine‘ (inouï/ éditions Carnets Nord) is available  since June 2015.

Prune holds a Master degree in international law and political science. She is also engaged into education, regularly teaching journalistic workshops around the world.

Plumaberlin is a subjective portfolio, displaying reportages and misceallenous projects, as well as personal insights about Berlin, journalism (and lots of blablabla).

contact : pruneantoine@yahoo.fr // twitter : @plumaberlin

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