©Mélania Avanzato
©Mélania Avanzato


I’m Prune –that means « plum »-, a (very) independent journalist and author.

Born in France in 1981, I am based in Berlin since 2008, after having lived in England, Spain, Hungary, Brussels or Paris.

My print and multimedia stories focus mainly on the contradictions of post-soviet world, women issues or the aftermaths of conflicts. My collaborations include Médiapart, Géo, M, L’Obs, Arte, Grazia, Madame Figaro, Vice….

I have been awarded the Prix Louise Weiss du Journalime européen –two times 🙂, the Prix Philippe Chaffanjon du reportage multimedia, shortlisted for the European Press Prize and encouraged by countless grants and acknowledgments (SCAM*, Journalism Fund…) As a freelance reporter in a collapsing media industry, this support helped me (like a lot) to carry on in-depth stories.

Over the last decade, I chose to dedicate myself to reportages on the ground. I got « embedded » with the Pussy Riot, witnessing a special ‘anti-Poutine’ action in the outskirts of Moskow. I related the sufferings of raped Bosnian women during Balkan’s bloodiest conflict and investigated the rumors of organs trafficking in Kosovo. I explored the Baltic Sea to discover WW2 underwater chemical and conventional munitions and met the neo-nazis from ‘Golden Dawn’ movement in Greece.

I also covered the last presidential campaign of Ben Ali in Tunisia, asked the Azerbaidjani youths what they think about their President, wrote about the boom of islamic fashion in Turkey. I looked into surrogate mothers business in Ukraine, interviewed Belarussian dissidents and visited Georgian and Southern Ossetian displaced persons since 2008 war against Russia. More recently, I depicted the rise of the AfD party and the migrants crisis in Germany, as well as the re-militarization of Kaliningrad and the Cold War’s feelings sprouting around Eastern Europe.

My first non fiction book, La Fille & Le Moudjahidine, describing my friendship with a MMA fighter and refugee living in Germany and flirting with the djihad, was published in France in June 2015. Copies are available in bookstores or Amazon.

I am sometimes offering media consultancy services, managing cross-border editorial projects and always happy to participate to journalistic cooperation workshops abroad.

Plumaberlin is a subjective portfolio, displaying some of my reportages and projects, as well as personal insights about Berlin.


 ©All pictures on the blog are mine, if the contrary is not mentioned.