#blueborder | 2020

@Graphism Johan Giraud

What is the Mediterranean Sea? The frontier of Europe? A graveyard? or a space where anything is possible? #blueborder, a non-profit project produced by cafebabel.com and that I managed as an editor-in-chief, explore the youth of five Mediterranean islands: five cobblestones lost in the great blue, each with one foot in and one foot out of the European Union. 

What are the dreams of the young people living on these islands? What are their hopes? What are they fighting for? Isolated, yet at the same time anchored to their respective identities, Malta, Cyprus, Sicily, Crete and Corsica are much more than mass tourism destinations.From migration to environmental challenges to independence movements, these isles have often played an avant garde role in setting the pivotal questions that will define the future of Europe.