©Mélania Avanzato
©Mélania Avanzato


I’m Prune –that means « plum »-, a (very) independent journalist. Born in France in 1981, I am based in Berlin since 2008, after having lived in England, Spain, Hungary, Brussels or Paris.

My stories, print or multimedia, feature mainly the rubbles and contradictions of post-soviet world. Travelling extensively from Central and Eastern Europe to Russia, Caucasus or Balkans, I like to focus on social and political issues, related to women, communist heritage or conflictsI am also reporting on current affairs in Germany.

My collaborations include L’Obs, Médiapart, Géo, M, Arte, Grazia, Madame Figaro, Vice…amongst many others. I have been awarded two times the Prix Louise Weiss du Journalime européen, shortlisted for the European Press Prize and supported by countless grants (SCAM, EU Journalism Fund…) and acknowledments.

My first book, La Fille & Le Moudjahidine, describing my friendship with a young boxer and refugee living in Germany and flirting with the djihad, is out in France since June 2015.

Plumaberlin is a subjective portfolio, displaying some of my reportages and projects, as well as personal insights about Berlin.

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